A group by the name of TeamICE made a forum post, claiming to have a PSP Emulator for Jailbroken PS3's, they posted images and links to the Emulator __eboot_bin on IRC reported that it didn't work after he tried it but forum member japsander reports that it bricked his console.

This group are NOT the real TeamICE and are NOT affiliated with the real TeamICE either, if anyone has been affected by this please report her, thank you.

Fix for those who bricked their consoles from the software:

turn on ps3.. keep and hold power button till you hear first beep... still holding second beep.. turns of.. turn back again keep and hold power button...beep....2 time beep...you get selection screen... other options diddent work for me.. firmware update option... the rest.. just follow whats on screen.. hope it will help..
Credits to j4m3s