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Thread: Worms: Battle Islands, Wii

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    Worms: Battle Islands, Wii

    In case your iPhone, Xbox, PS3 and PC didn't provide enough recent opportunities to play Worms games, you can now look forward to playing Worms: Battle Islands on PlayStation Portable and Wii. Aside from a single-player campaign, Battle Islands adds a new weapon customization utility and the ability to alter the look of individual worms to an even greater extent.

    The PSP version will be arriving via the PlayStation Network and comes packed with an all new "Tactics Mode," where players use one of the game's 16 "secret island bases" to gain "a tactical advantage for the player to use at the beginning of a game" -- some examples given are "recon a battlefield before the war commences" and "snipe an enemy worm to gain the upper hand." If you explode (or drown, snipe, dismember, etc.) your online opponents fast enough, you'll earn one of their secret base's items.

    Both Wii and PSP versions will have online multiplayer and the new secret island base feature (only the PSP has "Tactics Mode"). Though we're sure to see these additions in forthcoming Worms titles, they'll be featured first in Worms: Battle Islands when it comes out this November.
    Source- team17

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    Oooh sounds nice looking forward to this game
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    you gotta love the worms games

    ^^^^^^^^pimpness from the mighty bmarlo ^^^^^^^^

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    Worms Battle Island on Wiiflow

    Tried to start up the game on Wiiflow but froze at load screen. Tried a few settings with anti 002 fix, vid patch ios 249&ios 250. Eventually i read somewhere that ios 223 worked so i reset Wiiflow settings for the game only and changed the ios to 223 and voila worked a charm.


    Have fun.

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    I was unaware this was a game guide, I thought it was the announcement section for up and coming games --- thread closed.

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