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Thread: Rock Band 2 - original RB1 controllers are not working.

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    Unhappy Rock Band 2 - original RB1 controllers are not working.

    I have struggled all day trying to get Rock Band 2 to work properly. I'm using softchip to play the backup, because NeoGamma won't work with IOS36, which I am told is needed for the controllers. I've installed IOS36, and now the dongle is at least working. I'm using the original Rock Band 1 Wii controllers.

    However: The guitar and drums do not work. When I turn the switch on the guitar on, the center button/light turns on, and then the four square lights flash twice, then they just turn off. The center light stays on, however.

    When booting the game, I've tried selecting IOS36, but there is an error when I do that. (Am I not supposed to do that?) So, I just keep the defaults. Maybe that's the problem.

    But, if selecting IOS 36 in the softchip screen is what I need to do, how can I get rid of the error? If I'm not supposed to select IOS 36, how do I get the controllers to work?

    The game works. The controllers do not.

    I'm sorry If I'm in the wrong board. I can't find any help from Google searching.

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    Why don't you just install Hermes cIOS222/223 by following stomps guide. Then Load the game with ULoader of Cfg (yes they both load discs). Set the game to use cIOS222 or 223.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Thank you!

    I already had hermes IOS installed. But I got uLoader like you said and they work now! Thank you!

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    When using softchip, you load the game using ios232.
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