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Thread: Can a PAL game break a NTSC console?

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    Can a PAL game break a NTSC console?

    Last month I wrote here about my Wii:

    "Is my Wii Bricked?
    Today I was playing Mario Galaxy and the game just froze. I had to unplug it to turn it off. Now when I try to turn it on the light goes green, I can eject a disk but the controller are not syncing (or working) and I get no signal on the screen."

    So as everybody told me, I sent my Wii to Nintendo. They sent me back a new console and everything is fine, but I was still thinking: what happened ?? What should I do now so it won't happen again?

    Today I noticed that Mario Galaxy is the only game that I have that is PAL, and everytime that I use Loader GX (I just use an external HD) the screen blinks different when the game is loading.

    So I thought maybe this is the answer, maybe the problem was the PAL system, or maybe Loader GX can't handle very well with PAL systems.

    Anyway, for now on I will change the loader and I'll just use NTSC games.

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    Well, you didn't really brick. Something went wrong with your Bluetooth Module (hence your WiiMote not syncing), this sometimes looks like a brick but its not.

    To clarify something else, playing an out of region game cannot brick you. However, if that game was to prompt you for an update and you were to accept it, you WILL brick.

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    In the end I discovered that the problem wasn't the bluetooth, because I could turn the console on using the controller.

    Nintendo didn't tell me what happened, but as the game just froze (and I've been playing it for 2 months without any problems or any kind of modifications: like channels, etc) and the Wii couldn't send any video signal to TV, I suspect that the problem was the video adapter.

    So I think that maybe this kind of problem doesn't happen in the first time that you play, but when you play the combo (PAL+Loader GX) for a long time, you can fry you video adapter.


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