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Thread: How to play dvds from uloader or cfb loader....

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    How to play dvds from uloader or cfb loader....

    Hey again.... Need help, i was looking for a loader that has the 002 fix option and those two seem to be one of the best choices, the thing is i can't play dvds on them D: i know there is a way, or maybe i just need to do things differently but i''m sure you can somehow play dvds from them, all help appreacieted, thanks.

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    Have you tried neogamma....(uses only ios249)

    uLoader should detect your disc on load up(ios222/223/224) get the 5.1E from the link in my sig

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    Can't use neogamma since it has no error 002 fix (Need for MH3) will try uloader again, cheers.

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    the 002 error fix has been incorperated into IOS249 since cIOS38 rev14, so the only option you will see in the current backup loaders, in that department, will the the anti 002 error fix, which will block the 002 error fix from working.

    WiiPower recommends to install cIOSx rev20, with IOS56 as a base. That should get MH3 working.

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    Sorry for being a noob here, but how do i install it? Or a guide maybe?

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    I would just use Cfg or ULaoder...but you can install if you want...look in Ciles signature cIOS/mIOS wads. Read the Info before installing anything.
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