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Thread: Killed my softmod, need help please

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    Killed my softmod, need help please

    Hello all,

    I softmod my wii when it was 4.2 and never had any problems. Well my wife got the netflix CD and it had her update our wii to 4.3/u and now my homebrew is gone and my hack no longer works


    not sure if I have to reinstall everything or not but if so where is a good easy guide with download files to help me.

    also do I need to uninstall everything before I install the new softmod?

    Thanks everyone

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    No don't uninstall anything. Follow Mauifrogs 4.3 softmod guide. Stop by and make an intro and the introduction section.

    Read the guide carefully. Install Priiloader this time (included in the guide).
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    Wow, 4.3 update on a Netflix disk. Interseting... You can fix it by following one of our guides. If you post a hello in the intro section here you will get of the info you need.

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    So I am trying to follow Mauifrogs 4.3 softmod guide and I hate to say I am already suck at part 1.

    I see for ver 4.3u that you have two options:

    4.3u/e- Indiana PWNS or 4.3u/j- Smash Stack
    4.3u/e/j all wiis- use YU-GI-OWNED! or YU-GI-VAH

    The problem is I don't have either of these games. Now do I have to do part one sense I had already hacked my wii? Right now the only things that stayed on my wii after the update were Neo Gamma and Configurable USB Loader.

    Thanks for your help again

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    Under desperate options you will see an option to load with a forwarder channel (if neogamma or Cfg are forwarders you can try that). Might not work though. If that doesn't work then you need a way to install HBC so you will need one of the games. Buy/rent/borrow..

    Ask any more questions about the guide, within the guide thread please.
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