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Thread: can't format 500gb seagate "expansion" drive to WBFS

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    can't format 500gb seagate "expansion" drive to WBFS

    I cannot format my new 500gb seagate "expansion" drive to wbfs its a single partion. I did a low level format to it then formated it in linux... now I can't format it to WBFS and on the wii I get a DSI error and the wi makes a anoying noise and restarts, on the computer it says it cannot format the drive. nevermind I fixed the problem I did a quick format in windows and it worked.

    now if anyone is experiancing this problem I will write a tutorial:

    1) download low level format tool, use it on the drive
    2) boot into linux (i used mint 7) and use gparted and chose NTFS
    3)boot back to windows and quick format to ntfs, unplug it
    4) plug it back in after 10 seconeds and launch WBFS manager and format it
    5) now you are done I am going to test the drive's compatability
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    Try using WBFS manager to format it. A simple google search will find it for you.
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    what did you use to try to format it on the wii?
    Did you try configurable usb loader?
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