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Thread: Monster hunter problem (Different one)

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    Monster hunter problem (Different one)

    Hey, i'm really new to wii softmodding, burning discs and such but i think i did everything right the first time the monster hunter tri kept on not working, this time i manage to start a new game and go through the old man talking, but when i head out of the village the error "this disk cannot be read...." comes up, have you guys got any ideas? I think i burnt the slowest speed possible, I use gecko but also have darkcorp and can play the games as any others. All help will be appriciated, cheers.

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    what guide did you use to softmod?
    what do you mean with different Problem, do you know the MH guide?
    install hermes cios and use cfg loader.
    your .iso you used to burn coul be corrupt too. only try to load what you ripped from an original game disc.

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    Follow the MH3 guide if you didn't and post your problem there.

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    Well the other guide was about the crash/freeze when you clicked new game. The file might be corrupt, i will try a different one just to be on the safe side. Cheers for the fast replies. And one more thing, whats the 002 error?

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    try using uloader, I`m using it with no problems at all. Set ios 223 and you are all set.

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    Please direct any more question to the MH3 Guide, linked above. Thanks.
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