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Thread: New Mii Channel Updater

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    Mii Channel Updater is a homebrew that allows you to update your Mii Channel. The principle is simple, it connects to the Nintendo Update Servers and download the latest version of the Mii Channel. After, the Mii Channel settles while replacing the old version. Miis are not deleted and will be available after updating your Mii Channel.
    It updates to the NEW Mii Channel (from the 3.4 update) without updating the Wii Menu to 3.4.

    Download here: Mii Channel Updater - WiiBrew

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    i posted this early xD

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    Its useful, ill agree, but I dont really think that keyboard support is something i care about as it should have been there in the first place...

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    its one of those things i call a "update excuse"

    its so nintendo can go

    hey get update x.x its got lots of nice shit
    Mii update you can use your keyboard
    SD cards now work faster WOOT
    shop channel updates
    new terms of service so you dont have to worry about getting these amazing updates
    oh and hey not that you care, you lose the power to use homebrew SIGN on the doted line, and press yes please

    if you just simply go
    security updates
    3.3 v2
    security updates
    3.3 v3
    security updates
    security updates

    no one is gonna update outside of being forced, or wii shop channel, also people lose hope for a new update, and bitch about it, atleast when you get lame bonuses, they can go hey see your bitching paid off YAYS

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    That's exactly how I think of it! I think the updates mainly want to remove homebrew. They just add small features link that for an excuse.

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    WAIT! Not that this is important, but I have 3.3u. I know i dont have 3.3 r3, But its either R2, or R1. I can still install wads, if it matters. Anyways, is there a way to tell the exact version of my firmware?

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    not really for all the 3.3 theres a work around + a downgrader why does it matter, if you can do anything u want?

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    The thing is that im only really able to access my comp on weekends, so I like to know everything before i get started on it. Right now im on Wii internet...

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    I'm downloading this for the sake of stickin it to Nintendo. I'm still pissed that Miis can't have mohawks or different colored pants.

    Nintendo needs to open up a effing suggestion box so that people can *think* they have a chance at getting what they want from their Wii.

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    mii's have alt pants
    white or gold xD
    nintendo could do a LOT more with mii, but they wont atleast not now maybe not ever you see, they care more about protecting the system more than giving us decent features, thats why we cant load things off the SD, thats why we only have 521 mb, and 2 gig memory sticks no real HD support, and a only a ok wii mote, sensor till the new wii sports game, expect once they Beat HBC, and or give up and decide to give us amazing features to make people give it up

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