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Thread: site issue ?

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    site issue ?

    Hey guys, how's everyone doing.
    Try as I may, I cannot open/expand the spoiler's, was just wondering, is it the site or my lappy. Have tried some Ithians and Manufrog's ?.
    Also cannot stay logged in, seems if I'm on athread too long, I just get logged out.

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    Having some log in issues (kicking people off). Should be fixed in a day or so. The spoilers are slightly broken for me as well....try to view a spoiler in This guide.
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    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Jesus Krank, that was fast. Just tried what you suggested and no joy, wouldn't open. I don't really mind so much now that I know its not just me.Thank you for the quick reply.

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    fixed! give it another shot..

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    Cheers Fatal, we're good again.

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    As reddevil reports problem solved, thread will be closed. Thanks.


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