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Thread: Playing using HDD question

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    Question Playing using HDD question

    if I rip a patched back-up CD to my HDD, will it play in my Wii?
    all my back-ups are patched (someone else did the back-up for me, i dunno what patching he did but each new game i put, it asks me to update to 4.2u or something, it runs fine).

    just asking, all my originals are locked up in our China Cabinet, together with the precious porcelain pots.

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    - Which loader are you using?
    - Is your external hard drive formatted as WBFS?
    - Which WBFS manager are you using?
    - Do you have cIOS 249 and Hermes cIOS 222-223 installed (a.k.a. custom firmware)?

    If you are using USB-Loader GX with correct cIOS installed, you can rip games from the original DVD onto your external hard drive in WBFS format (basically an ISO without all the padding filler). You can then, if you wish, use WBFS manager to rip the WBFS format game on your external hard drive to your computer's hard drive in ISO format. So, to answer your question, yes, you can rip original game DVDs to your hard drive, you will want to use the Wii's own disc drive to do this, and a usb loader (I prefer USB loader GX, I cannot confirm other loaders have the features I dicussed.)

    *EDIT*: Piracy is bad, mmkay?

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