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Thread: Can I install PriLoader at any time?

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    Can I install PriLoader at any time?

    Hello Forum,

    I have a SoftModded 4.2 wii and I modded it when I was a fresh newb
    as opposed to a sort of experienced newb LMAO. Anyway, my concern
    is that I want to be able to recover if any kind of brick occurs, when I
    modded my wii, I did NOT install PriLoader, and I was stupid and didn't
    back up my NAND. Now I just modded my bros Wii and backed up his
    NAND, so if my Wii goes brick, can I use his NAND? Can I install PriLoader
    on my wii after it's been modded?? If so, how do I do that?

    Thank you!

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    No, you can not use your brothers NAND. Each NAND is encoded with a key that matches the Wii it came from. It's never to late to make a backup of your NAND. If you ever need to use it then it will return your Wii to the state is is at now.

    You can install Priiloader at anytime. Just follow this guide here.

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    No you can't use his nand. But you can backup your own still.

    follow WiiJohns Priiloader guide to install Priiloader.
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    That being said, you can install priiloader using the homebrew channel once you have cIOS 249 installed, follow this guide for more information, just keep in mind, if you install a new system menu version you will need to re-install priiloader.

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    Ok, I went to HBC and clicked launch bootmii and the disc drive just kept flashing, I want to backup my NAND what could be wrong?

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    You need your bootmii folder on your SD card. If you can't find it then reinstall Bootmii by using the Hackmii installer. It will create one. Look here.

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    What does the NAND hold just the BIOS of the WII or does it contain all of the mods / channels etc...? That worked by the way, thank you.

    How can I find out if I have the correct IOS files installed? I don't remember what I installed on this Wii and I definitely don't want to brick it.
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    You can run a syscheck (look in the guides section for info, its a sticky thread by stomp). Just curious, why are you worried about your IOS?

    The NAND is the wii's internal memory, it stores pretty much everything.
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    Because one time I installed over top of an IOS on a wii and it bricked it, and the priloader v0.4(rev78) has this in the readme:

    for installation you need the ios used to be patched with ES_DIverify & trucha ( in most cases you run
    the installer from the Homebrew channel so that should be IOS36)

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    The only way that would happen is if you installed a stubbed system menu IOS. Never install a stub IOS - Never Delete an IOS below 200.

    If your Wii is softmodded you should have no problem installing priiloder (follow the guide krafter linked above). If it gives you an error durring install then Hold B and press A/+ to install using your cIOS (I think this is covered in the guide).
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