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Thread: Brick after IOS70 install

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    Brick after IOS70 install

    Same problem here after I messed with DopMii to install ios70 and didn't have priiloader to protect me. I can power the wii with remote or pushing power button but then just black screen. I called a shop and they told me they will give me $30 as is toasted. What's your opininion.

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    Moved to the appropriate area.

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    If you deleted IOS70 then you will need the nand.bin backup or a boot2 capable Wii to fix it.

    Along with sending it away to be programmed (unless you have bootmii installed as boot2 and the nand.bin).
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    Thank you for placing it in the right place, and also for the comments. I'm so frustratred. I think I will keep it and I can see Craiglist have wiis for $100+or-

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    I'm guessing that you installed the stubbed version of IOS70 and that you are on SM 4.2. It can be fixed if you have a NAND backup by having someone flash it for you. If you don't have the backup it still might be possible to repair it if your Wii is old enough to have a vulnerable Boot1. Bad_Ad84 can tell you if it has a vulnerable Boot1 if you post your first 2 letters and first 4 numbers of your serial number. If not then sell it on eBay.

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    Bootmii as boot2 is all you need to recover. You don't need your NAND.bin if you don't have one.

    How many times does your drive light blink at startup?

    What happens when you use savemiifrii? Are you able to get into recovery mode?
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    Indeed, should have been more clear on that. It doesn't sound like the OP has boot2 though. Although he didn't really answer...
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    hi, i got the exact same problem. installed different ios70 with DopMii and wii gives me black screen. drive blinks once on startup. didn't try savemiifrii so far, have to get a fitting screwdriver for that. any suggestions?

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    Jerry- What you're doing is called thread hijacking. It's often confusing for new members since you are having the same issue, but i don't want your issue to get burried and over looked. Due to this please make your own thread in the bricked section. When you make that thread please include your firmware version before, whether you have priiloader installed (hold reset on start up to see), and also if you have bootmii installed as boot2 (your dvd light will flash twice quickly on start up if you do, if not it will only flash once.)
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