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Thread: Update Shop Channel

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    Question Update Shop Channel

    After softmod, it says i need to update for using Shop channel...
    How can i update it for using newer shop channel in 4.2u??
    what's the safest way to do it??

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    Follow the shop channel v20 guide in my signature.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    You can use Multi-Mod Manager to achieve this, just download, un-rar the MMM folder to SD://apps, run the homebrew channel, run Multi-Mod Manager.

    You should see a screen that looks like the above image, you should then select "manage Wii channels," from there you can download and install new versions of the official nintendo channels (shop/news/weather/internet etc.) safely.

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    shop channel

    When i go to shop channel it gives me a blue screen and a error message

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    Then you didn't install the IOS56 included in the guide. Try again. (The Guide in my signature for Shop channel v20).
    Damn I suck!!!!


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