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Thread: LOST USB partition - WBFS won't recognize HDD partition

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    LOST USB partition - WBFS won't recognize HDD partition

    Somehow (I think Monster Tri crash) has now seemingly wiped my USB partition for backed up games.

    Anyone have a solution/freeware software to recover the partition so Backup loader will recognise the games on it.

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    Did you use our guide to softmod? That game should not have killed your softmod. What's your system menu? What's the last thing you did before it stopped? What cios do you have? What region? A few more details would be helpful. What loader? You mentioned backup loader which is very old.

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    WBFS or FAT32 partition? If it was FAT32 there there all kinds of free utilities that might help but not so much if it was WBFS.


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