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Thread: Wii Freezing when flipping through channels

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    Wii Freezing when flipping through channels

    Is this common? The wii has started freezing during channel flipping between usb loader, homebrew channel, and neogamma. Does it happen or is it something i have done wrong? Also freezes when trying to go to the wii homepage in the middle of nba 2k10. Other than that all games work fine, and no other concerns. Thanks to the tutorials.

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    What guide did you follow to softmod.

    Also, how about you stop by the intro section here and say hello.

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    Happens to me also.... DONT KNOW WHY!!!

    I dont worry about it....

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    Does it freeze randomly or is it always when switching to a certain channel? Did you try deleting the Neogamma and USB Loader channel and test, then reinstall and test again.
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    Its done this to me several times - I think it deff has something to do with custom channels - Think the problem Channel I had was MPlayer CE

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    I used this tutorial.

    The Wii version was 4.2U I believe. It is mainly the neogamma and hombrew channel when switching between them. I know it's nothing to worry about, just wondered if it was common and an easy fix.

    I haven't tried to reinstall them because I wouldn't know where to start, any tutorial for that?

    Also i will stop in and say hello thanks.

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    Uninstall the neogamma and usbloader wad that you used to install the channel (using wad manager).
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    ok and one more question, while modding i had the wii screen go black and freeze somewhere along the way. It just stayed that way as well, but when i unplugged it and restarted and continued the process. It was fine, is that usually a concern or? Just wondering if it comes up again.

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    No that's not a concern. It happens sometimes. No need to unplug it just hold the power button for 3-5 seconds (if it happens again).
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    I have had this freezing problem happen to me several times when I select a channel and then flip through the channels without going back to the actual menu screen. I just cant do that anymore and Im fine.
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