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Thread: ExHD Problems

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    ExHD Problems

    First off I will apologize for errors or omissions that may occur within this post, I hope I can explain myself clearly enough.
    The problem is my brother in law has a Wii 4.1u, he wanted it soft modded, my son soft modded it for him as he had done mine his and many others, he bought a Western Digital ExHD 500 gig, which I set up, with the help of the guides here and else where, I have a 320G Samsung ExHD which my son set for me, mine approx 194 Gig WBFS most of the rest is NTFS on which I have a Movies folder, my brother in laws HD is approx 250 Gig WBFS the rest is NTFS, and yes the WBFS is Active and Primary and was formatted with Wii Game Manager, the problem for some reason is it won't work properly with the Wii, the Wii has USB Loader GX, WiiFlow, WiiMC and Neogamma all the latest versions, Neogamma can mount the drive but when you go to play it freezes, USB Loader loads the list of games but won't play any of them, WiiFlow starts but freezes and WiiMC won't pick up the other partition, all the games are the same as those on my drive, my drive works with the Wii in question, the WD works on my Wii, and when my son modded it he tried his HD in it, don't know what that one is, that also worked fine, I have run diagnostic progs on the drive and everything seems to be fine, so I am hoping someone may be able to advise, suggest a solution.

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    Well, if the modded Wii recognized one USB HDD, then the Wii is softmodded correctly. The problem is with the USB HDD that is not working, perhaps it was not prepared correctly. Only thing that I can recommend is to wipe that drive clean and start over.

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    Hi Stomp thanks for that I had already done that, but I did one partition at a time, I will try wiping the drive clean reformat and repartition from scratch and I will let you know what happens.

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