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Thread: Wii update?

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    Wii update?

    On my Wii I currently have firmware 3.2 and I heard that there is a new update out that messes up the homebrew. I just ordered a D2PRO9 V3 with the Wii Clip and I wanted to know if I have a lot of homebrew compatibility.

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    You don't even need a chip for homebrew, but STAY ON 3.2! Don't update!!

    BTW, you got a good chip

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    3.3+ = dead homebrew
    mod chips are 100% safe

    if you think cheat codes and wad installer are worth not updating then dont

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    I'm at 3.1 so i'm safe right?

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    Yeah but

    New games require updates

    >IT'S Time To Die SpiderMan!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by VENOM View Post
    New games require updates
    you can modchip block them
    mod them to use a different IOS
    get a CIOS and update the IOS's
    you can force boot in geckoOS
    you can remove them
    you can change them

    so yeah -rolls eyes- so needed, 3.1 is fine, get 3.2 if you want to use WiiWare

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drifter View Post
    I'm at 3.1 so i'm safe right?
    3.2 is better for some features of homebrew, but if you just want to use a chip you're fine.

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    Ok, maybe itīs a dumb question, but If I have 3.1, how to update to 3.2 without going until 3.4?

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    anyregion changer
    if you have a mod chip wii update manager swap the update from a ISO and install it
    thats it sorry =\


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