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Thread: How hard is it to install a modchip yourself?

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    How hard is it to install a modchip yourself?

    Yeah, what the title says.
    I might not be able to find anywhere around where I live to get a modchip installed. I'm also afraid that the installation price might be unnecessarily high even if I do manage to locate one.
    For a person with NO soldering experience, how long and how difficult would it be to install WiiKey or Cyclowiz?

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    just practice on some scrap metal and a little bit of solder before you open up your Wii, its not hard and with the easy solder parts it should be a breeze... just remember to have a steady hand lol

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    These chips for the Wii look to be one of the easiest ones to solder. From what I have read I believe you just place the chip where it says to and just fill in the holes with solder... not difficult even for someone who has never soldered before.

    Yes, i agree with Nave just give it a bit of practice and you should be good to go.

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    Ca Think again !!!

    I don't recommend for anyone without soldering experience to attempt to install a mod chip. The pictures you see on the internet make it look easy but believe me, it is anything but.

    The Wiikey mod chip is only slightly larger than my thumb nail and the soldering points are approximately 1mm apart. You need an extremely steady hand and a solid knowledge of soldering to pull it off.

    Just browse the forums at and you will see all the posts from people who have screwed this up.

    I havn't tried any of the other mod chips but I can assume they are roughly the same size and are most likely just as difficult to install.

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    Practice is all it takes. The easiest thing to do is smash up some broken piece of electronics, like an old phone. Practice taking transistors, chips and capacitors out of the board and putting them back in. Do that a few times and you'll be able to put a mod chip in. It's really not difficult but be patient.

    Make sure you use really fine solder as well. Don't want big globs dripping everywhere.

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    I installed a wiiKey myself and I would warn inexperienced people against it. Mine turned out fine, however I believe a fair amount of luck was involved it. The soldering points and wires are very tiny and I can imagine that lots of people will not be able to successfully complete the modchip installation. If I were doing it all over again I would send it away and have it professionally done.

    That being said I did it and it works great!

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    Oh yeah, I almost forgot to say...the quicksoldering method is a farce for the wiiKey. Check other forums. It looks impossible to quick solder. I can't imagine doing it without wires.

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    I agree... Using wires for the install is the way to go. People are using kynar 30awg wire, its very flexible so installs are not that difficult.

    I got my kynar wire from ebay, since it cost less than the mod chip sites.


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