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Thread: [RUMOR] 3DS buttons to be backlit?

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    [RUMOR] 3DS buttons to be backlit?

    The 3DS rumour mill continues to grind away, and weíve just got hold of a juicy little nugget. The buttons on the front of the 3DS are likely to be backlit. Thatís the D-Pad, the A, B, X, Y Start, Select, Power and Home buttons Ė as well as the 3D depth indicator to the right of the unit.

    This information comes from a reliable contact, and the source is an individual working for a major developer. Unfortunately, we canít get more specific. Having said all that, this news should still bear a great big ďRumour!Ē disclaimer around its neck.

    Due caution aside, letís get speculating! There are a few bits of cumulative evidence that support the info. Firstly, thereís the fact that back-lighting buttons is becoming a standard practice in handheld devices Ė gadgets like mobile phones have been doing it for years. Secondly, just take a closer look at an image of the console itself:

    The 3DSí buttons all feature white markings Ė pale colours are suited to backlighting Ė and in contrast to the DS, thereís a bit of white writing or a symbol on every one.

    Finally, and most compelling of all, thereís the console in action. Just take a look at this snap from EAís recent My Garden showing at TGS;

    It should also be noted that this lighting hasnít been there in the preview models of the 3DS seen so far.

    I doubt backlit buttons will be a deal breaker for anyone still sitting on the fence about the 3DS Ė but they are another example of the little extra touches Nintendo are renowned for. Itís also good to know that itíll be easy to play Resident Evil: Revelations in the dark!

    Source- Nintendo3ds

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    Great! Something else to help enable my daughters to play in the dark after I put them to bed.

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    bah I don`t need that... I don`t see what button I`m pressing, who does?

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