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Thread: Wiikey 2 Blue LED and No disk Load

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    Wiikey 2 Blue LED and No disk Load

    OK this is my first post, and my first time modding a system... I know dangerous combination... I do preform component level repair for the military, so I am happy to say my soldering skills are above average... although I did make small error on my first attempt. When I first ran up the system I got the red LED only and the drive was inop. when i disconnected power from the wiikey chip the drive worked and the Wii acted normal. When I first soldered my Wiikey 2 up I left the iron on point G (I have read this is a clock input) a little too long so the solder point came free from the drive board. I assumed this was my problem so i re-soldered this line to the second leg on the chip. and tried again. This time I on power up the red LED flashed then the blue LED came on solid and the drive still does not work... I am lost... Is there a way to troubleshoot the chip? I would love to know if Im starting out with good hardware or not!!!

    I have a yellow sticker Wiikey that I got from canandamods. A D2C chip and I'm using the 6 wire hookup... I will post pics here in a few. Thanks for any help in advance!!!

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    Ok here are some pics...

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    D2C wiis require D E and F to be installed for wiikey2's. The wiikey2 seems to almost always give me a blue light so...

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    the instructions on the wiikey site claim that I don't need D E or F becuase I have a yellow serial number sticker... should I hook them up anyway?

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    Nope, i missed that part :P.

    Can you take a couple different angles that show B and C better, also, show G a little better as well?

    Maybe you are having the same issue i am. My Wiikey 2 that i just installed (White sticker) will only play burnt games, it wont play originals. Have you tried a burnt game?
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    yep well here is what i could get...

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    those points all look ok. That is odd. You're sure that G isnt touching anything else, or that the pins beside G arent bridged?

    Desolder a b c and g from from the wiikey and fire up the wii with an original disk. That will tell you if it is the wiikey or your soldering. You really should not have glued everything in I dont know why people recommend thatI have modded well over 100 wiis and i havent glued a single 1 and i have only had 1 person have a wire pop off. It came off the wasabi though, those that things were like nickel plated or something.

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    Yes there is no contact on the chip (point G) I took it to work and put it under a scope to make sure. Wouldn't removing power from the chip do the same thing as desoldering all the other lines? I tried taking away the 3 VDC and the wii works fine when i do... with an original disk. the epoxy i used is made for CB's it flakes off very easily. some people run the G wire away from that tiny oscillator on the board... do you think that would help?

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    Honestly. At this point, beyond a bad chip, i cant really suggest anything. Everything looks good to me. If the originals work when the power is cut to the chip, that basically disqualifies your soldering from being the problem.

    Maybe you should try soldering each wire to its respective pin rather than the PCB points?

    Good on you using the epoxy! i see lots of people use real glue.

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    a yellow sticker from canadamods ? We havent got our yellow sticker in yet so how is that possible ?... we've always only had the 9 wire version except for a couple 6 wire test chips but those were never listed. if you got it from us youd need to solder up the remaining 3 wires as its the 9 wire version.
    Also I'd recommend using some noconductive rosin flux for the pads on the wiikey to make a better overall connection.

    What kind of solder are you using, usually should be a nice shiny silver, but in this case seems more like a dull grey, could just be the picture though or type of solder.
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