Usage is pretty straightforward.

I also added File Association, so if you've run the program once, double clicking on any ds2skin file will automatically load the installer.

Since this is an early release, I expect there to be some teething problems. I've tested it reasonably thoroughly, but i'm sure some problems will remain.


Usage :

DSTwo Plugin
Place .ds2skin files inside a folder named "skins" inside the "_dstwo" folder on your SD card. If the folder does not exist, create it. Then load up your DSTwo and chosoe the DS2 Skin Installer plugin, and follow the instructions on screen.

Updated v1.31 released :

Change log (v1.31):
- A few quick bug fixes that I noticed in the new UI

Change log (v1.24):
- Prevented the file association from happening automatically, there is now an optional button. This hopefully will fix the crashing problem.

Change log (v1.23):
- Altered the bitmap checking method
- Added the ability to convert a 256x192 bitmap into the required format for the loading screen

Change log (v1.22):
- Added a warning to make sure you're using a 256x192 16-bit bitmap when creating a skin
- Both the PC-side and DS-side installers modify "globalsettings.ini" to change the currently active EOS skin to the skin that is being installed

Change log (v1.21):
- Fixed a bug where installing a skin from the exe was incorrectly naming the EOS skin
- Fixed a bug that caused the program to crash upon creating a skin

Source- Supercard Forum