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Thread: Wii disk spits cd out

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    Wii disk spits cd out

    Alright, So I found out that even with the brown latch closed (i used my finger to push it down and then turned on the wii) the wii still doesn't take any cd's. When I start the wii up it just sucks spits out half way sucks all the way then spits out all the way. Somethings wrong with my brown ribbon cable huh?

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    It will ALWAYS spit a CD back out. You need to use a DVD.

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    CD's, DVD's, same thing when talking about size. I use wii sports, so when I start up the wii, the wii starts sucking (vrooooooooh), then starts spitting (hoooooooorv), then sucks more (vroooooooh), then spits more (hoooooooorv) whether or not I inserted a CD/DVD, it just does this at start up. Now after this startup routine, it doesn't take disks even when I force it, it only takes it in if I start it up. If the disk does manage to get in from startup, it doesn't spin, it just stays in there and I have to manually spin the white thing to eject it. It's the ribbon I tell you!

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    it could be the ribbon or the other connector also. check to see that you didnt bend any pins on the other connector.
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    Yea, I just checked, it has to be the ribbon. Aww man now I have to go to more trouble fixing ths wii, now I have to open the whole thing up and replace the ribbon huh? And now I have to spend even more money on buying a broken wii just to take the ribbon part out huh? Or is there any suggestions?


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