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Thread: Backup launcher gamma help

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    Backup launcher gamma help

    When ever i try to launch a back up in Backup launcher 0.3 gamma i get an error that reads "DVD Read Error (324)"

    I had the 1st backup launcher running fine and then i updated my wii and i tired using the wad manger to install somethings and it worked fine then i tried the CIOS update for the backup launcher .3 tried a game and it didnt work. then i tried installing a wad and those no longer worked either so i did the downgrade and my wad manger works again but i still cant get the backup launcher up
    please help

    Im new here and im sorry if i posted this in the wrong area

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    What type of image are you using 1:1 or a scrubbed image. I had the best of luck with 1:1 images and DVD-R media

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    I think it's from DVD+Rs. Are you using those? Try -R.

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    I agree, try using DVD - R discs. Also make sure to burn the image on the lowest speed possible.

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    really? because i had been using DVD+Rs for 4 games and they worked fine with the original leaked loader. I'll pick some up the next time im around them

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    And that depends on the game too i assume, right? Can you guys that are on unmodded wii's and already successful (the rest of you stay out of it) give a guaranteed to work name of a game (+info on 1:1, scrubbed, force NTSC, 480p) that worked for you flawlessly.

    I'm having same problem as the dude that posted and i'm using imgburn at 2x and DVD-R and tried "excite truck" which all say it works on all the launchers versions.

    My modchip is on the way, but shouldnt the freaking loader (v0.3) work on some of those games anyway?

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    Its been working on all of the games I have backed up so far. No issues aside from the audio stuttering during like movie intros and cut scenes


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