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Thread: 4.3 Softmod issue

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    4.3 Softmod issue

    I've got a black Wii (Serial LEH514xxxxxx) that's been updated to 4.3E
    I've been trying to follow Mauifrog's 4.3 guide using Indiana Pwns.
    Hackmii starts, I get the message that HBC is ok to install and that Bootmii can only be installed as IOS.
    Off we go and it black screens with a pulsing blue light from the drive.
    Mauifrog's guide links to how to fix IOS36, but no reference to 4.3.
    Trying to run the 4.2 IOS36 fix gives a 004, files corrupted error.

    Any ideas?
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    Please ignore my above post.
    I was overlooking the obvious and my Wii is now softmodded.


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