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Thread: how to know if priiloader is there?

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    Exclamation how to know if priiloader is there?

    i used this guide by mauifrog:

    safely got to 4.2U, installed everything fine without errors.

    i remember installing priiloader, managing the hacks and saving changes. i specifically remembered blocking disc updates and auto-A in the health screen.

    upon reboot, auto-A does not work. i turned it off, turned it on again, and still auto-A does not seem to work.

    was there something wrong with my installation? or do i have to always have that SD card in the slot? or whatever?

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    hold reset while powering on

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    to no if you have priiloader click the power button and reset at the sametime you should go to black page like a menu.hope that help

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    now priiloader wont autoboot to the system menu. it only lets me back to the system menu when i take the SD out.

    edit // i was able to MAKE IT WORK (i hope not temporarily) by re-installing priiloader through bootmii, taking out the SD while it froze and restarting. it now auto-A's upon turning on.
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