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Thread: Software to correct "off center" Wii motes?

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    Software to correct "off center" Wii motes?

    OK, I've just bought a Wiimote/nunchuck combo from Deal Extreme.... Plugged it in and the cursor is about 8 inches off where I am pointing it (to the right). It's off enough to bother me at least. My official Wiimote is spot on. The cost/time of returning the Wiimote is not worth it (cost me $20).

    Is there software out there that can correct this issue, by forcing input in the opposite direction to compensate for the inaccuracy? The remote is fine in every other way.

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    Nope, if you can't adjust it out by calibrating it in Wii settings then take the $20 loss. Cheaper is not always better. My guess is, it's in the calibration or alignment of the IR camera in the Wiimote itself.

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    I bought two of those for the hell of it to play around with because they were only like $11 or $12 USD. They are complete junk and there is no way to fix them to my knowledge. I took one apart to play with the insides and I found a use for the other one. It permanently resides in my DJ Hero controller so I don't have to plug in one of the 4 official Nintendo controllers my family use whenever I want to play DJ Hero. It works just fine as a bluetooth dongle. lol

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    Ah well.. You get what you pay for. I really would have thought that there would have been some homebrew that would have allowed you to adjust the input via the software though.

    EDIT: Just ordered the 3 slotted screwdriver for Wii and an additional GENUINE remote. Let's hope I can fix the dodgy one
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