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Thread: snes emulator on wii 4.1 softmod, problems!!!

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    snes emulator on wii 4.1 softmod, problems!!!

    hey peeps now iv'e been all over the net and forums trying to install the snes emulator on my wii, iv'e got the snesx9xg emulator and put it on the root of my sd card, but when i put it in the wii and go to wad files i go into roms under snesx9xg emulator it's empty!!!. so iv'e try'd opening the sd card thou wii menu screen and it always hangs/freezes. how do i install the emulator as when i down load it the file comes up with open with realplayer??? any ideas , many thanks
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    There should be 2 folders. One on the root of your sd and one in the apps forlder with the boot.dol in it. I have a guide on emulators in our emulator section of the site if you can't get it.

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    ok im getting somewhere iv'e been told to download the IOS58-64 installer, now when asked (would i like to install IOS58) it says (please wait, initializing network...) i have not got the internet, well i have but thou a wireless hotspot and the wii wont connect to it iv'e try'd!! ok so after about 5 minutes the installer say's (error unable to initialize network error#-116 !!! . im running IOS:36, any ideas many thanks

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    I don't get it? First are you trying to install the emulator as a channel or are you trying to install it so you can launch from the homebrew channel or a forwarder?

    P.S. You should edit you first post to remove where you got your roms from so you don't get the thread locked or us in trouble.
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    just do what junkmail said, it sounds like you dont have the program in ur APPS folder
    if u do, you can just run it from homebrew

    no need to mess with IOS until youve tried that
    press THANKS , it brightens my day

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    YEAH all done thanks peeps i dropped the apps folder into the wrong file, working a treat now thanks all !!!!!!

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    Filed thread (ie moved to Emulators section) and closed --- glad you got it sorted!


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