The original BioShock, the brainchild of Ken Levine, was hailed when it released in 2007 as a truly brilliant game. Shooter mechanics were mixed with "plasmids" - special powers attained through genetic modification - beautiful environments, fantastic sound design and an enthralling story. Though BioShock 2 was still very well received, many thought that it lacked the magic of the original game, and some attributed this to Ken Levine's absence in the development. He was busy working (as lead designer of Irrational Games) on another game, which later turned out to be BioShock: Infinite, a sort of indirect sequel to BioShock, set in the flying city of Columbia.

And this game looks simply fantastic. A picture is a thousand words, so at 30fps you have a good 18 million words in the following video:

Source: VGChartz