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Thread: USB loader GX problem

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    USB loader GX problem

    Hi I have a problem with my usb loader GX: it all worked great but then I had set the iso from 249 to 222 and now it doesn't work anymore I re-installed usb loader gx and formatted my hard drive but when I start it up usb loader GX it justs gives a black screen.
    I alsow don't have any of these cISO... programes on my wii I don't know if that matters.
    Btw I have a pal wii.

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    Try reinstalling cIOS with cIOS38 Installer rev17. Search the tutorials and you will find a download for it.

    If that doesn't work you can try a different loader, if still no luck try a different USB drive or a flash card.
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    If your wii is soft modded already..

    [SPOILER="Do This"]Backup and Format your SD card

    Download MMM_Pack.rar
    Extract directly to SD:\ (SD Root)

    **Remove your USB HDD and all GameCube memory cards and controllers**

    Load Multi-Mod Manager from HBC - Select Wad Manager
    -- Press A

    Press 1 to install all wads - Press A

    Verify an error free Install of All 4 wads - Press Home to Exit.

    (MMM is set to load IOS249, if you don't have it then choose "Load another IOS" and select IOS36).


    If it's not then follow Mauifrogs Softmod for ANY Wii guide.
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    Do you need to format your HD in Fat32 and then use WBFS manager to format again?

    My WBFS formatet hard drive is plugged in the usb conector and when I start up USB loader GX it says Waiting for your slow usb device 30...29...28...

    (I installed thos wads from the MMMpacage)
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    Sounds like you have a drive issue. Please follow Gen3sf's USB HDD guide if you want to use a WBFS partition to load games. Or the FAT32 guide in my signature if you want to use that.

    After you setup your drive correctly, it should work if you properly modded your Wii (and the drive is compatible).
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    HHD problem

    I think the problem lies with the hard drive and not the software.
    My hard drive worked fine when I bought it but i exedently removed the partition and when i got it back the wii doesn't reconigse it anymore.
    Is ther a way to get the HDD back like when I bought it?

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    I think the problem lies with the hard drive and not the software.
    That's exactly what I said? Follow the USB HDD guide to start again.
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    Oh, right... I knew that.

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    It's WORKING

    It's working, thank you all.

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