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Thread: softchip IOS50, shop, and Mii channel update

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    softchip IOS50, shop, and Mii channel update

    Nintendo has released a major update today. We’re working as hard as we can to get it fixed. For now, I’m releasing my modification of tona’s IOS51 / Shop channel patchmii installer to patch IOS50 and install the new Mii Channel.


    We’re working on the disassembly of the new system menu now. Hopefully, we’ll be able to bring you all the benefits of a working 3.4 without any automatic updating or breakage of the twilight hack.
    if anyone is intrested

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    I see Wii Brew updated their front page with this info as well. That was fast! I'm sure it's only a matter of days before 3.4 for the homebrew crowd is released

    Mii Channel Updater - WiiBrew

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    well the updates arnt ment to stop us

    their more to stop future people

    like with Halo 2 and xbox
    soft modding went up 500%
    nintendo doesnt want that to happen, so their trying to stop people from the future from doing this
    soft modded people can only go so far and do so much, till its a matter of time, someone in the family messes with the wii, they break it, or something requires them to update

    new people update then find out about homebrew and get screwed thats what nintendo wants, for our community to not get any bigger than what we have now, since thats the best they can do

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    Thankfully all of my friends that have a Wii do not have WiiConnect24 enabled and have not purchased any new games yet that have the firmware on the disc. I have notified them about 3.4 in particular and will help them in any way I can!

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    Admiral, just as i thought I was getting used to installing wads, downgrading etc I come across the "patchmii-miichannel-ios50" files. The readme that comes with the files doesnt have install instructions and I cant figure out how or where to put the files on my SD Card.
    Can you help please? Thanks in advance


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    I've never installed these, but I'm assuming you see a .dol file?

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    it is a .dol just rename it to boot.dol, then drag, and drop in the "apps" folder in its OWN folder

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    many thanks. There are folders, files, elf's and a .dol - confused! Thx again - will try that


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    i don't have any wifi or lan adapter at the moment. so is there any chance of getting the softchip IOS50, shop, and Mii channel update to be install offline? something like how we can do the offline cios installation for gama?

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    got to ask the maker for the files


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