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Thread: D2pro9 Utility disc v1.7

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    D2pro9 Utility disc v1.7

    hi i noticed there was a new utitly disc update. region patcher stop out of region updates.

    i noticed there werlik 10 setting i could change

    can anyone explain what they all mean

    the one i would like to know was dvd speed and dual layer speed
    they were both stock on 6x and the setting could be switched to 3x

    since they were both on 6 times does that mean i should be burning my discs at 6x i normally burn them at 2.4x or does it even matter

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    that refers to the readspeed of the wii drive. the wii drive at max performance reads 6x. if youre getting problems reading sometimes reducing speed can help.

    burn speed 2.4x for dl, 4x for dvd-r
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    so if your saying 6 x is max readspeed how come some pople burn over that lik 8 times and 16x

    anyways my main question is im thinking of lowering the spped to 3x

    you said burn my dl layers at 2.4x and dvd -r at 4 times will the dvd -r work then since they are over 3x

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    Question D2e

    Can i Use d2pro9 utilitydisc usa v1.7 on D2E chip?

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    Yes, I upgraded my D2Pro9 yesterday on my D2E Wii to 1.7. I would recomend after it's all done pulling the power and then plug it back in, of course wait until after it reboots from the flash.

    Mine did act strange after, but I think that was from something I did before. I pulled the power from the back and the strange issue stopped, and the few games I had that I could not get to work started to work. One is still not working but I think its a problem with the game itself not my modchip.

    So was a Win Win for me.


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