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Thread: d2sun v3 install problems

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    d2sun v3 install problems

    I've a d2sun v3 chip soldert to a wii clip v12
    an i think i did nothing wrong
    connettet the clip to the wii
    all jumpers in the off positing (down) pal/d2s
    cabel to remote switch is in the wright way
    but the only thing that is working are the red leds on the chip and on the remote switch
    they both blinck 16 times and thats it
    if i insert a backup-dvd i get a error to eject the disk and restart
    this also happens with a original wii sports

    who knows a answer?


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    There is an "auto" jumper on the clip, have you soldered that?

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    Thnx for your reaction, hybridkid
    No, havn't soldered the auto-jumper, should I?

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    i've tried the auto-jumper but no success
    (on a other forum people are also telling me that the auto-jumper is useless)

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    autojumper makes it solderless,without that soldered it can not work unless youre manually connecting that point with wire to the board. can you take a picture so we have a better idea of how to help, and also the chipset you have, and the jumper settings youre using.
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    hello spyman,
    i'm at my work at the moment so i can't tace pictures

    but mij clip with chip and jumpersettings are exact the same as

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