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Thread: Ntsc & pal

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    Ntsc & pal

    Hi Everyone,

    Just got done softmodding my wii to 4.3u, the instructions I found here were second to none. I completed the mod in about 15 minutes. Most of my backup disc's work just fine.

    I do have one question about NTSC & PAL, I did a search for Wii's ability to play both formats but all I got was about 90+ threads that didn't say much about using both formats.

    I tried changing the settings via Neogamma to/from NTSC480i, NTSC480p, PAL480i, PAL480p. The screen goes from being solid green when using NTSC480i or NTSC480p to a rolling screen when using PAL480i or PAL480p. Is there a fix for this or is the Wii unable to utilize both formats.

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    maybe have a look here too, play out of region games (disc loading)
    but it will tell you almost the same, like force the video mode to your wii's region, ntsc. (softmodded to 4.3u? meaning it was a different region before?)

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks


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