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Thread: My system is v 4.2 will i be able to play metroid at all?

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    Game are not system menu depended but rather ios.If you are using disc channel(hardmod) you will need ios56 for metroid prime

    If you use backup loader then no need just use a DL support cios....rev17+ or use hermes cios v4+

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    Re-read the post I pointed you to the most recent time you asked this question. And to answer you next inquiry: No, re-wording a question does not make it a different question. Closed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marketpantry View Post
    For v 4.3 games will i be able to play them on a 4.2 wii if i refuse the update?
    You should really search the site and read the recommended guides and tutorials section. This has been answered many times. Game are not system menu dependent. Please do not start another thread before searching and reading.....maybe make a post in the introduction section if you haven't yet, you will get some useful links.
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