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Thread: Can we install Wad via USB?

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    Can we install Wad via USB?

    I've been a non active member for awhile.. and im stuck.. i got my wii to do everything except having my wii load wad files off my External HD..

    I just want a straight answer.. is there a way to load .wad files using usb/external drive??

    and using which software..?

    thanks alot..

    i got my HD 50gb out of 500gb partition specifically for Wii's apps + sd backups (rest is for backup games).. I want to use that 50gb as a usb to install wads/custom wares.. i got 200 different wads to mess around.. and its such a process moving those wad 1 by 1 to install through the SD..(my only method)

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    Sorry if this is misinformation, I'm not greatly experienced, but I noticed no one will reply. To best of my knowledge WADS are installed onto the wii memory. Sounds like you're trying to load them like a .wbfs file? Eitherway use a wad manager to install them. Can you install them from USB? I "believe" loadmii can view files from USB. Can it install a wad, that I'm not sure. Few programs to read on, loadmii, wiixplorer and any wad managers.

    How small is your SD that you'd do it 1 by 1? Geez. My Modpack given to me has 25 wads in 50mb's. You can install a whole directory of wads as long as they're all within the same root folder. This can be done with MMM - Multi Mod Manager. Again I'm unclear if they'll look to USB. But if not use MMM on SD and clog the sd wad folder as much as possible so you can Batch install the whole directory..

    Hope this helps, best of luck.

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    uLoader by Hermes

    check section about nand emulation.
    drop your wads to usb:\nand\install and fire up uloader from your apps folder.
    good luck

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    Just to add to/clear up some of that.

    Using an emulated nand on the USB device, yes you can "load" them from there (SNEEK, triiforce, ISO forwarders, ULoader).

    You didn't ask this but they can be installed from USB via WM to the Wii's Memory (the real nand).

    Depending on what you are installing....don't do this..
    But if not use MMM on SD and clog the sd wad folder as much as possible so you can Batch install the whole directory..
    Only do that if a guide here tells you to.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    from my experience i would recommend uloader, it works on every game i tried so far, and itt'l install the wads for you at first launch.... gl
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    thank you for answering my question.. =)

    just to add... if anyone happen to search this question up..

    you need to format your hard drive to fat32 in order to use the uLoader apps..

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    So using Uloader and a hard drive formatted to fat32 i can install wads via usb device??

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    Wow, talk about reviving a dead thread. No you cannot install wads to your Wii thru uloader. The above was referring to nand emulation, and even then uloader is old old old... Closing Thread.


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