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Thread: Wii Reassembly Question

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    Unhappy Wii Reassembly Question

    Alright, so I bought this refurbished drive and need to connect the ribbon to the latch (picture below) and can't connect it. Whenever I close the brown latch the ribbon wont stay in, it just pops out like if the latch isn't strong enough.

    First of all I just wanted to say why I bought another drive, it was because I broke the brown latch off by accident and tried soldering it out to replace it but then messed it up. I dont want to make the same mistake and spend more money, is there any suggestions people? Maybe it's the ribbon?

    I just received this refurbished drive and I'm in no rush to play the wii since I have college apps this month =[

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    eh? its quite simple, open the brown latch up, put the cable in all the way, then close the latch...
    make sure the cable is put in properly and is laying flat.
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    dang, doesn't work, I try and try but the stupid ribbon pops the latch up. I guess its the darn ribbon then. Know anywhere I can just buy the ribbon and replace it?

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