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Thread: PSP games on PS3 are REAL: first video and converter announcement

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    PSP games on PS3 are REAL: first video and converter announcement

    Hello guys.
    Let me introduce myself. I'm GamerSuper, Russian most famous console gamer, developerand hacker. The most of Russian console gamers heard of me as about fan game translator and homebrew maker. You can read about me here GamerSuper , of course if you read Russian.
    I've been working on console scene for about 9 years already. Sure you didn't hear of me 'cause I've never made anything special and innovating.

    But things change.
    I've been working on PSP games compatibility on PS3 since I've made my jailbreak.
    And this week a made a real success. I worked very hard with PS3 SDK, learning PS3 architecture and structure etc and I was able to launch PSP game on the PS3.

    It was very hard 'cause I changed a lot in game files and a lot on PS3 internal HDD to get it work. Unfortanally I can't describe here how to do it manually - it's very long and hard and some components are needed which are not leaked to public, and I'm not gonna leak them either.

    Since principle of re-making game doesn't differ from game to game, I'm currently
    coding a tool which will be able to convert EVERY game from PSP ISO to PS3-compatible version automatically.

    My project will contain of 2 parts:
    1). A PC tool in which you specify input PSP ISO and output directory and just press Convert and wait 5-7 mins. After that you get full PS3 compatible game. It can be done with EVERY game.

    2). A homebrew PKG for PS3 which needs to be launched only once to make some changes and copy some new files on PS3 internal HDD.

    The project won't be open-source. If you don't have some documents and files which are not leaked, you won't succeed in it, I think.

    Here's my first video showing GTA: Chinatown Wars launching on PS3:

    source -


    It looks like a PSP ISO patching application, no emulator needed.
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