CEO Bobby Kotick says $60 cost should cover a game and its "replayability."

Activision has already denied the rumored plans to begin charging a monthly fee for Call of Duty online multiplayer, but CEO Bobby Kotick saw fit to address the issue again. Eurogamer reports that at a Media, Communications and Entertainment conference, Kotick claimed that charging for online play would undermine the value of the game purchase.

"That's what people are paying their $60 for," he said. "They get a game that has a lot of replayability. We've seen our margins and audiences expand from providing more appealing gameplay. I think why Call of Duty has been so successful is because we're delivering extraordinarily high quality gameplay, production values and interactivity at great value."

Kotick also chastised in-game advertising. "There was a time when we thought sponsorship or advertising was a big opportunity, but what we realized is that when our customers are paying $60 on a game or a subscription fee, they don't want to be barraged with sponsorship or advertising." He said that unless ads would add authenticity, Activision would rather be "respectful of our audience."

The controversy over a survey that suggested the possibility of charging has led to denials from Infinity Ward, and later a denial involving Black Ops as well. Kotick himself has expressed interest in subscriptions, but for now at least it seems that he's had a change of heart.
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