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Thread: Reading from an HDD.

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    Reading from an HDD.

    Hey again! I've followed mauifrog's tutorial and have found it very useful. I am now left with a 4.1e Wii with the Homebrew Channel enabled and Priiloader installed. I was also given a couple of extra channels in the tutorial, but they don't actually work.

    I've looked around, but nothing really answers my question, so here goes:

    1. Is it physically possible, by plugging an external USB hard-drive into the back of the Wii, to be able to able to play Wii ISOs and to rip Wii discs onto the actual HDD so they can be played without the disc? Is this physically possible? If I knew, that'd be a great start!

    2. I'm confused about partitioning. People keep going on about WBFS and FAT32 partitions. I partitioned my hard-drive to FAT32, then to WBFS, but now I've got it back to FAT32. What's the difference?

    3. Is there a tutorial that I could follow that would let me install a USB Loader onto my USB hard-drive, so I don't need an SD card at all and can just be completely reliant on my HDD to load, rip and play games?

    Thanks a lot

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    1. Yes.
    2. Very little difference with actual game playing. FAT32 is better IMO.
    3.Yes, the fat32 guide in my sig. Using the Full Channel install of a backup loader. However, it is generally better to run the loader from an SD or USB device. So I recommended running the loader from your FAT32 hard drive. This eliminates the need for an SD card.

    So under the section Installing a backup loader, you would install the forwarder channel of your choice, then extract the 222 RAR to your USB HDD root.
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