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Thread: my wii freeze

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    my wii freeze

    Hi everyone yesterday I intall some programs and I was messing to much with my wii
    today I start playing and my wii start freezen .
    Now I make a lot of mistakes first
    I format the wii thinking that it will erase all the programs and fix the problem.
    yes it erase the progarms but still freezes and dont even let me do and update . because it freeze .

    my system is 4.2u if anybody can help me to resolve this problem. thanks.

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    Does it freeze at system menu? You might have a corrupt message board. At the health warning screen press and hold + - together until the system menu comes up. You will get a message saying your message board has been disabled click OK. See if that stops the freezing problem.

    If it does, you will have to reinstall your system menu IOS and system menu to fix it.
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