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Thread: How can we play downloaded games through HDD

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    How can we play downloaded games through HDD

    hello frnds,

    I am new to this wii gaming world ,i mod my 4.3 u wii and its working fine (through a shop),i dont know what exactly they had done to my wii but it is working great .i dont know how to play the .iso files downloaded via torrent site ,guys if u can please help me in resolving the matter it will be great for me.
    My queries are:- i can transfer .iso files to hdd
    2.what is the procedure of doing so
    3.what are the s/w i wll need in future i can check what had they done to my wii console

    Thanks & Regards

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    Please verify the section you are posting in, this is for hardmods only. I suggest making an introduction post in the introduction section of the forums.

    We do not support piracy here. Read the rules. IF you need to backup your original retail discs follow one of the USB Hdd Guides in the guide section. Thread closed.

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    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Forum: USB HDD Mods
    Hard mods Only !! Those who break this simple rule will spend 30 days in RR and if again, then Perma-Banned


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