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Thread: Need help running MAME ROMS from external hardrive

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    Lightbulb Need help running MAME ROMS from external hardrive

    I have downloaded the emulator (MAME32 plus 0.83) and the ROMS. I have downloaded the MAME emulator from Homebrew as well. How do I go about telling the Wii to NOT read the SD card when looking for the ROMS for the MAME emulator, but to look for the external drive instead (I have put the ROMS on an external HD b/c they wont fit on an SD card). Numerous threads have told me to start the emulator with the USB drive plugged into the Wii, but that does not work. Is this even possible to do? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Have you copied the contents of your sd card over to the fat32 part. on your hdd.
    If no sd card is inserted then HB will look for a hdd secondly....

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