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Thread: NeoGamma USBLoaderGX and Darkcorps Issue

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    Us NeoGamma USBLoaderGX and Darkcorps Issue

    Please work with me because I'll need your help. THANKS XD - I am on 4.3U (Indiana Pwns)

    1. Darkcorps doesn't load my backup games (Madden 11 - DVD-R, New Super Mario DVD-R)
    I know they are good downloads, Idk if its my Wii, or Iso, or Wads.

    2. USB Loader
    GX - I have games on my USB, I inserted it in the correct slot, but my games don't show up. Sometimes it doesn't even load, it goes back to the main channel screen.

    3.NeoGamma - I tried multiple times, with multiple downloads (ERROR 1167), I am using NeoGamma R8 ISO249 (Rev17), my games are Madden 11 on DVD-R and New Super Mario Bros. DVD-R. It's a 4.3U softmodded, but i get DVD READ ERROR 1167. Please Help

    THANK YOU!!!!

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    D3-2 Drive ....only way is usb loading look for the wbfs guide by Gen3Sf or the one linked in my sig

    (for the info how old is the wii)

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    Did you bought your Wii recently? You may have the D3-2 drive.(DVD drive that won't let you play backup games no matter what).

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    2-3 years i think

    can i use the HDD mod?
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    Um, you do know we call cIOSCorp FAILCorp and DarkCorp DarkFail, right? There's a reason for this. If you Wii is 2 to 3 yrs old, it has nothing to do with a D3-2 drive. Chances are, at some point you mixed and matched regular and Corp IOS which is a big no-no and will often manifest the way you describe.

    IDK what softmod guide you followed, but the better choice is following this and then likely this.


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