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Thread: how can you tell if your wii is Korean version?

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    how can you tell if your wii is Korean version?

    planning on getting a 2nd hand wii for my little brother, the seller is a total n00b and only knows the firmware (4.2U), how can I know what the console's version is? im terrified of getting a Korean version because of all the error terrors

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    I think Korean serial numbers begin with LKM.

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    Look at the serial number of the console:

    LU= North American
    LE= European
    LK = Korean
    LJ = Japan

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    As far as I am aware, no Korean Wii can have SM 4.2U on it without being bricked. You should still check the serial number, because I could be wrong. It will also tell you if it is an LU64+ Wii.
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    TBH, I have heard that people have region changed Korean wiis and switched them into US/EU cases to hide the fact. If the wii is 4.2 and is Korean, it would need a patched ios70, most likely from cIOSCORP install. So this wii would likely read backup media in the disk channel, it may not load it properly, but it would probably display the disk and try, when a normal ios70 would not and only give error.

    If you really what to know if it is Korean, follow my "Guide: Softmod any wii" linked below. Once you have completed the guide 100%, install via wadmanager. Doing this will cause the Korean wii to brick with error 003 (you need to be on sm 4.2), which would be fixable because you have priiloader installed. To fix, just install via wadmanger.

    Now, you could just follow my guide, never update the wii via Nintendo and you'll never have to worry about it being a Korean wii as the guide prevents those brick types by default.
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    The disc drive is sideways

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