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Thread: How do I clean my lense? (Homebrew related)

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    How do I clean my lense? (Homebrew related)

    So my Wii stopped reading discs a while ago and I have homebrew on it so I don't think I can send it to nintendo to clean it cause I'm scared that they'll know that I have Homebrew it even if I delete it before I send it to them... I bought one of those disc cleaner discs from the store but that didn't work but it was only 15 bucks so I wasn't expecting much =[ I'm turning to you guys to give me a grasp on what I should be doing. PLEASE note that I'm a complete noob so I'll probably be asking a lot of questions about your guy's posts so please check this topic often :]

    If all else fails I'm going to buy a USB hardrive so I can just get games from there and play em on my Wii. I would just like having this problem fixed even if I get it or not ^_^


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    friend of mine had the exact same problem , he switched to USB. (eventhough its a useless one, u have your reply )
    press THANKS , it brightens my day

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