COz released a new version of Launch Xbox 360 Dash ( JTAG ) . Currently , this version is only compatible with freeBOOT 9199 .

To recall, Dash Launch allows you to boot your console on an application of your choice ( usually as an alternative dashboard Freestyle Dashboard ).


- Plugins now use logical paths to the image of Quick Launch Buttons
- Option on the Y button to exit the miniblade under NXE to launch the application directly related to the button / default .
- Adding options common ( 9199 ) content and patch ping limit
- Launch Dash works primarily with system processes , and running completely during animation boot
- Change Total dash.xex , which should lessen the problem splits CD or a few seconds of NXE
- Removal of persistence on paths and dependency 0/1/2 Caps for detection
- Back to NXE Via miniblade for system settings and other functions without having to use RB
- Addition of internal memory ( NAND big block ) as a possible peripheral
- Added xell loader to set the patch and adding a . xex to run Xell
- Removed reboot in case of fatal patches
- Added parameters reboot / shutdown in case of fatal error
- Upgrading aesthetic installation screen , the console does not go over at the end of the installation
- Added file . ini install in the updater
- Added the update patches to install

Source- xbins