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Thread: Stupid 4.1 donwload

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    Stupid 4.1 donwload

    Ok i bricked my wii trying to downgrade from 4.1 to 4.3 i have bootmii installed as boot 2 and a nand backup. i already uninstalled the 4.1 system menu wad but that didnt fix it. Should i just use nand and keys to restore?

    sorry im a major noob :\

    Wait- lock this. i forgot to read FAQ
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    lol, good thing you have boot2. I suggest you follow the Softmod Any Wii guide in my signature starting with Chapter 2. Since you have Boomii as boot2 MMM should launch when you start your Wii.

    edit: make sure you install system menu 4.1. He offers it as an option but for you it is a requirement.

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    You downgraded to a stubbed ios. Use your nand to restore.

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    yea it fixed it. Thanks Modmii for giving me the guide on how to on how to downgrade.


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