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Thread: Gamecube Games (Disc) With Orcarina

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    Gamecube Games (Disc) With Orcarina


    I've been trying to figure out if Orcarina will work for my.
    Phantasy Star Online Ver. 1&2+

    Some people have said no so far and use Homebrew launcher cause that might work.
    But I got no clue how to use homebrew launcher for a Gamecube game (disc).
    I thought homebrew launcher is some kind of Gamecube Emulator or something like that.

    How would I go about Cheating on my Game with Homebrew and if I need the launcher can someone explain to me in detail how I would go about cheating with it?

    Please help me.
    I'm really confused.


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    I don't think Ocarina supports Gamecube games... Sorry : /


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