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Thread: MAME Wii: Roms aren't working!

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    MAME Wii: Roms aren't working!

    So I have the MAME emulator on my Wii, but none of the games I have downloaded all. Every game I've put in the roms folder doesn't work. The emulator starts and an error message pops up saying there are no files in the roms folder. Ugh. What's strange is that the files I have downloaded don't seem to be roms at all. They all have a weird file extensions, and they aren't named in any way that makes sense (ie the Point Blank 2 file I downloaded is called "c76.bin"). I have downloaded games off of several sites, and NONE of them seem to be actual rom files ...Well, OK, a few of them are .bin, but the emulator still doesn't recognize them when I put them in the folders.

    I have no idea what to do. Does anyone have any advice? Or maybe having the same problem? I am not terribly tech savvy, so I'm doing my best here. Help a girl out here

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    Sorry, I'm not really an expert on MAME but did you try googling for some sort of tutorial for MAME emulators? Oh, and you might want to say hello in the introductions section, It'll get you some useful links and info.
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    It's kind of hard to explain but in order to run a game with MAME you need all of the required files zipped into one file. The best explanation comes from MAMEs own documentation. There is also some good information on the legal status of ROMs that some people should read. lol

    I should also mention that MAME on the wii has nowhere near as many compatible titles as its PC counterpart.
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